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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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. monday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> ukrainian troops pull out of the we seeked railway hub. >> i'm paul brennan. >> hello this is ankle live from london. also coming up. egypt pushes for urgent action after launching airstrikes to stop the rise of isil in libya.
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>> and china celebrates the start of its new year, but not everyone is looking forward to the year of the sheep. >> hello there warm welcome to the program. ukraine's president says that his troops have pulled out of the key town of debaltseve. in what he described as as a plan and peaceful way. it's been the scene of intense fighting over the past few days despite the crisis fire. but now it has fallen to pro-russian separatests. it is considered a prize asset as a key rail hub delivering coal supports. we have this report from near debaltseve. >> they're beaten and in
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retreat. ukrainian soldiers on wednesday pushed out by relentless bombardment from separatist artillery and ground assaults. and all this happened four days after a cease-fire supposedly began. the ukrainian wounded were taken and spoke of running a gauntlet of fire. there are no words to describe it. along the entire way we're blanketed with shots. they fired others with grenade launchers. they used everything. until this morning we're under targeted fire. >> the bombardment was carried out like this one. we found the fighters confident and bullish. there was no shortage of tanks and armor. many of the fighters believe the ukrainians should be forced to withdraw from the whole donetsk region. >> in my opinion our first task
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is to push the enemy back to the boards of the donetsk and luhansk region as they're drawn on the map. after that we'll see. >> there was a thinly veiled threat. >> in the near future, i can't imagine what will happen after that. time will tell. >> the loss of the town of debaltseve for the ukrainians is a bitter blow. they had invested much capitol both human and military in tribe to defend it. but the smoke that hangs over the town now appears to be little more than a cleaning up operation by the pro-russian forces. >> operatests are adamant that that they were encircled. the russian-back forces has
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flouted the peace agreement. now the fate of one of the disputed towns has been settled and that gives some small hope that the two sides can now begin to disengage across the whole length of the front line. >> well, in moscow, we have this update. >> we know in the run up to the memberships talks, they had the town of doab surrounded. we know in those discussions vladimir putin was say be,--did he not want debaltseve to be used as a bargaining chip. but they've lost it now. what happens next? a lot of this depends on whether
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the rebels, the separatists have as much ground as they want for the moment. and whether they will now start respecting the cease-fire as it was agreed in minsk, or whether they might think they have the wind in their sails and they begin pushing for other victories maybe down in the south. places like mariupol. that might be an influencing factor. there is going to be a phone conversation later on wednesday between angela merkel and fran├žois hole a hollande, and i wage there are is only one happy person in that telephone call, and that is vladimir putin.
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>> an argent chaos in libya. the security council will begin an emergency counsel in new york. egypt wanted the u.n. to intervene mill taylorly. but they have failed to agree on a draft proposal to be presented. the only solution is political. egypt also wanted more support for the u.n.-recognized government in tibruk including the lifting of a weapons embargo against it. now the concern is that the continued lawlessness there will allow isil and it's affiliates to extend their influence. all this as they have a three-day conference to tackle the roots of radicalization. our diplomatic editor james bays is for us. hi there james. what has or hasn't been agreed
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to behind the scenes so far? >> well, when you look back just the 48 hours you'll see that president el-sisi of egypt is saying there needs to be an u.n.-backed u.n. intervention with the country playing a leading role. that's not going to happen. egypt has modified its position and it's no longer talking about an intervention. what egypt wants now is much more limited. it wants more support from the government in tibruk. one of the two rival governments in libya. it wants arms to be able to go to that government, and arms not to go to the other government in tripoli and other groups that exist in libya. i have to say there is not agreement among the arab countries on this. there have been meetings taking place in the arab league, meetings taking place here in the united nations and disagreement on the way forward and whether to back that egyptian proposal. i think it will be interesting to see what some arab countries
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say. we know that qatar tunisia and algeria are opposed to the egyptian plan. two of those countries tunisia and algeria will be speaking in an hour heirs time from now as well the egyptian from libyan counterpart. i think also worth adding, julie, there are quite a lot of other countries that don't think that the right answer is sending more weapons to lib y even if it's just to one of the governments. they believe the way forward is more talks between the two governments, and we'll also hear in that meeting the u.n. special envoy who has to deal with all this, and trying to get the two sides together. i think it would be important to listen to them and see if they think more talks are feasibler and can achieve anything. >> we'll be talking with james bays later this evening. thank you. now in libya the fall out
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from egypt's airstrikes against ill go on. egypt says that it targeted isil training camps but witnesses say some of their attacks mistheir target. we have reports from the tunisian border. >> this boy was a casualty of airstrikes by the egyptian military. as was his sister. doctors couldn't save their lives or the lives of five other people. >> we started resuscitation on this bench. everything happened here. but they say the suffocation took place here. some in egypt dispute whether those children were killed during the bomb, claiming they died of other causes in another city in eastern libya.
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>> the egyptian government said the airstrikes were aimed at training camps of isil affiliates. some appear to have missed their targets. >> there was no military presence here. the mother and their children were all killed. there was a gentleman who was also killed. there were eight killed in the neighborhood. in addition to those who were seriously injured. >> they claimed that egypt is just trying to divert public. to their own problems at home. >> we call upon the u.n. the european union and the african union to average lan investigation regarding the video of the alleged beheading and to condemn the blatant airstrikes of the egyptian army because it is a clear violation of libyan sovereignty. >> egypt is now demanding for u.n. action. france and italy are also campaigning. they want a coordinated
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international effort to counter the threat. in tunisia is worried. security has been beefed up here at the border area. it's still unclear how stronger presence that the group have in lib y but the current political and security vacuum offer the perfect reading breeding ground for such groups to expand. >> u.s. president barack obama is calling on nations around the world to stand together to tackle radicalization in a couple of hours he'll address a summit in washington, which is discussing how to prevent young people from being recruited by violent groups like isil. >> hi there, pretty. this is a tricky conference for the conference conference
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president to be having. >> you want hear anybody here at the white house use the word islamic extremism. they quickly point out that there is a right wing they need to aware of, and they've been careful not to use islamist word. they're basically only talking to muslim communities because there is this fear when it comes to the islamic state in iraq and the levant, they don't know who is over there fighting, and they don't know who is here who could sympathize with them and launch attacks. so they feel like they need the muslim community to work with the federal government. but that is going to be a challenge. since 9/11 and some of the actions in the wake of 9/11 when it comes to targeting muslim communities, it has really
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damaged that relationship according to muslim leaders. >> is there concrete policy, a jumping off point p a talking she have, if you like? >> well, right now they're mostly focused on the domestic. tomorrow they'll go to the state department and talk about the framework of this. basically they're saying in seven months they want to see this plan put in place. exactly what that plan will look like they'll know better on thursday. they want all those countries to come together saying this is what they're going to do individually as a nation to combat recruitment. and in seven months time when they meet on with the assembly they expect a progress report. they expect concrete results. as for the domestic. basically what they're doing today they have three different cities that have been working on outreach efforts. they're all getting together and sharing what has worked and what
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hasn't. if they can define that's concrete progress. that could be a tougher challenge. >> live in washington, d.c. patty, thank you. still ahead this half another. afghanistan's child victims the u.n. reports a sharp rise in the number of civilians killed and wounded. and punching above their weight. how greek businesses, like the government, are trying to renegotiate their debt. >> monday, studying deadly viruses. >> these facilities are incredibly safe, incredibly secure. >> go inside the study of infectious diseases. >> ventilated footy pajamas. >> protecting those working to protect us. >> we always have to stay one step ahead of them because they're out there. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. monday, 5:30 eastern.
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only o
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>> start with one issue. add guests from all sides of the debate and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights at 11:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera.
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ukraine's president has sent his troops have pulled out of the key railway town of debaltseve and what was described as a peaceful way. >> in the next hour the united nations security council is to hold an emergency session to discuss what action if any to take against isil in libya. meeting with government officials to tackle radicalization, they're discussing how to keep young people from being recruited by groups like isil. kurdish security forces say they've repelled a major attack by isil. it happened in erbil where the groups' fighters tried to enter two forces. several isil fighters were killed before the group retreated. one kurdish fighter was killed and two others wounded. rebels in the syrian city of
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aleppo say they've re regained ground lost to government forces. the syrian observatory say mother than 150 people have been killed in 24 hours of fighting in the city. the army launched a new offensive to push rebels out of aleppo on monday. but the syrian government has told them it's willing to observe a six-week humanitarian cease-fire. while political solution is working out. a new report by the u.n. mission in afghanistan has shown a major increase in civilian casualties. as a result of the conflict there. documenting civilian deaths and injuries in afghanistan in 2009. between them and 2014 more than 17,000 people have died. the death toll hit almost 3,700 last year. 25% increase on 2015, and the
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highest number of civilian deaths in a single year. the spice has been blamed on ground operations and the use of high explosives. mortars and rockets in civilian areas. >> we found that 43% of all civilians killed and injured in ground engagements were caused by the anti-government elements. 26% by the pro government forces. and in 2009% of ground engage engagements they could not attribute the civilian casualty to a specific party. >> myanmar's president has declared a state of emergency in the eastern region and imposed marshal law for three months. the fighting has forced tens of thousands of people to take refugee in china's neighboring province. rebels there say they're fighting for the rights of the chinese minority who run a largely autonomous strip of land
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with china. >> well, amongst those caught up in the fighting, two red cross workers on the humanitarian mission. they were badly injured and their envoy came under attack. they're accused of using red cross vehicles to transport soldiers. a fight has broken out in turkey as parliament. five people were injured. demonstrations were about to be debated when the brawl started. >> now after days of unsuccessful talks it's looking more and more likely that greece will apply for an extension to the international bailouts that has kept it afloat since 2010. the new greek government is trying to renegotiate the $237 billion bail out with which
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is comprised of the e.u. the european central bank and the international monitory fund. it has given greece until friday to decide it will apply to extend the deal. an extensionif the extension is not granted greece will not be able to pay its bailout and may force the country into bankrupt cy. we have reports from athens. >> the heart of the factory is still beating but only just. this rolling door maker has lost 90% of its pre-crisis business. the collapse of the construction industry has bankrupted its clients and with them have gone $2 million owed. that's the problem because this company in turn own banks $9 billion it cannot pay nor can it borrow to finance new
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business. >> i've been working in this factory since i was 18. it was a small workshop of my fathers. now banks we're back to where we started, and we're all alone. rather than to wait to die we decided to attack. >> this is the attack. a series of class action lawsuit involving 20,000 debtors including representing more than $2 billion of bank debt. it witness banks to discount debt by 50% to 90% the similar discount if the banks sold loans. >> while this lawsuit is pending banks cannot ask for installment payments. this will take 20 years to come to trial. we say to banks, do you want to wait 20 years or do you want to settle now and start earning
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money again. >> officially greeks owe banks some $90 billion it cannot pay back and the real figure may be much higher. banks were supposed to finance a turnaround in this economy. they're decrowsingly able to do so. dispositivers withdraw $17 billion saying that greece may be forced out of the our row zone. but there is a greater threat. if greece does leave the eurozone. the >> what is looming over greek banks is a liquidity crisis. actually, it's looming all over the country. if the country does not resolve the issue it will become a big problem. the basickers are scared. >> individual negotiation like greecegreeks like greece itself is trapped.
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al jazeera athens. >> greece's parliament has voted in a new president former interior minister will be sworn in. it was the. ments failure to elect a president that led to early elections. now swiss authorities have raided the offices of europe's biggest bank. the swiss public prosecuteor has launched an inquiry of money laundering at hsbc. it follows allegations that hsbc swiss subsidiary helped its welty clients to wealthy clients, and it is now under official scrutiny in inference
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u.s. andering. it's based on information leaked by a former hsbc employee, who said he first alerted the t authorities back in 2008. chelsea football club is appealing for information an after some of its fans were filmed stopping a black man from boarding a paris underground train. it happened before the english premiere league club played in the champions league tuesday night. we have reports now from paris. >> a black man tries to board a perries metro plane and is repeatedly cut off by fans of the english football club chelsea. the british man who filmed the scene at the station said that people around him could not believe what they were seeing, but what happened next was
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perhaps even more shocking. the morning after chelsea's champions league match we managed to get a reaction from some fans heading home to london. >> we're disappointed for two reasons. firstly, because of what happened. secondly, because now we're all labeled racists. not just individuals who did t but all of us. it set the whole club back 30 years. >> i'm horrified. absolutely horrified, and really uncomfortable. >> it's unacceptable, and i'm sure any true chelsea fan would call it that. >> uefa is an appalled by the incident. they'll try to help identify the fans involved while the chelsea football club has put out a statement saying that such behavior has no place in society. we will he support any criminal action against those involved in
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such behavior,. but this paris-based activist wants to the club to be more bolder. >> i urge to please make a call. i urge the chelsea football club to take this opportunity to launch a massive anti-racism campaign. >> the paris police force is already investigating the incident. al jazeera. paris. >> now billions of people worldwide are celebrating the lunar new year. >> in china they've been welcoming in the year of the
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sheep. the single biggest annual may gas stationmigration as people head home to celebrate the holiday with their families. but many are not looking forward to the year of the sheep for a number of reasons. >> you need to be patient when you travel in china. especially at this time of year when it becomes a country in motion. they are part of the world's largest annual migration. it will take some 25 million migrant workers back home off to see their children for only the first time in a year. for many the coming year of the sheep is tinged with uncertainty. factory workers worry that the slowdown in the economy is far from over. so some are not returning. >> i will never come back to the city to work in my life. it's meaningless. we come far away trying to earn a higher salary, but everything is too expensive.
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ing in nothing is less. >> the chinese place a great importance on the zodiac calendar. some debate whether it's the year of the shape at all since they use the same word for sheep and goat. this is regarded as the least desirable. sheep and goat are seen as meat creatures, followers, not leaders. not a good year to be born. which is why hospitals are expecting fewer births this year. >> there will be a 20% drop. many say they'll skip the year of the sheep and have a baby the year after. >> whether you're superstition or not there is no denying the sudden improvement with air quality. with polluting factories closed down for at least the next week, the skies are clear and blue, and for many that's the best you
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near gift of all. >> and you can find much more on our website. you can see it there our top story there. ukrainian forces retreating from this strategic rail town of debaltseve. the address for that is >> i think it's incredibly >> i think it's incredibly important not to important not to sexualize the sexualize the entertainments that are made for very little kids. entertainments that are made for there is not good reason why you will. very little kids. there is not good reason why you will. >> the >> the actor found the institute actor found the institute that represents female that represents female representation on screen. >> unless a character is having representation on screen. >> unless a character is having sex with somebody else in the sex with somebody else in the movie, most times it doesn't movie, m


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